Strymon BigSky and TimeLine Midi Control Maps for Akai Force

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Here are 2 Midi Maps I Use to Control My Strymon Big Sky and Strymon TimeLine pedals directly from Akai Force. (also useful for automation — though I havent tried automation yet)

Click Here to Download

— These Midi Maps were created in my free online app: Force Midi Mapper


The Naming Conventions for Algo Specific params

The Params are named as AlgoName-[algo#] ParamName  ValueRange
for example :
Hall-1 LOW 0-20 Means — Hall Algorithm (Which is Algo Number 1 (Starting from 0)) The Param is Low-End and it accepts the Values between 0-20.
Choral-7 VOWEL 0-6 Means — Chorale Algorithm (#7) the param is Vowel and it Accepts Values 0-6 to select the Vowel to use.
Timeline also uses similar naming Convention.


How to use

  1.  Download the xpm files and copy to your Akai Force or the SD card/Pen drive that you use with Akai Force.
  2. Setup Your Strymon Pedals to accept midi from Force (They use 5-Din midi so use a midi interface or Midi Cable (I use Roland um-one, and have midi thru of TimeLine going to BigSky (Serial/DaisyChaining)
  3.  Set the Midi Channel on Each of the Pedals to a unique one (I have Timeline on 13 and BigSky on 14)
  4. On Force Create a Midi Track (for each device).
  5. Load the Midi Map Template for Device you want to control using that Track
  6. Set Midi output port accordingly and set midi channel that you have set on that pedal.
  7. Hit Shift + Clip to See the On Screen Midi Map Controls.
  8.  Options: If you Set Knobs to Screen (Hold Knobs and Select Screen). You can control the parameters displayed on Screen (8 at a time, to select next 8, press knob again)


Here are a few Screen Shots.

Big Sky

First page – Common Parameters (Knobs on the Pedal)

Page 2 for Algo Specific Params

Page 3 More Algo Params (internal)



Page1: Common Params

Page3 : Algo Params (internal)

Page 4 : More Control Params and the Looper Control


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