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So here’s the problem I just Faced — On a Keygroup Track How to control Filter Cutoff  with the ModWheel of my keyBoard. (pitch/ Volume and Pan are also optional targets).

— Yes, you can Macro/Midi Learn the Target Parameter, but that creates a separate automation for Each Sub-keygroup (Zone) in the Keygroup and if you have stuff going on in the project can lead to Strange Behaviours or Worse Crashes 

The Solution I have found to work for time being is to Sacrifice the LFO and use it as a Mod Matrix for ModWheel.

(Note this might be an old trick for MPC users, I have no Idea about that  domain..)
— If anyone has a better way please do share  as I would like to learn more…


Using LFO as Mod Matrix Mixer for Mod Wheel. (CC#1)


  1.  Make sure all KeyGroups are Selected from Top (as in image above).
  2. Go to LFO Tab and set LFO Rate to Lowest: 0.02 => 1.2 BPM (0.02*60) for Full Cycle Which in other words mean you have about 30 Seconds from Note On do what you have to and pull mod wheel back, i.e. before it hits negative phase for 30 seconds (KeyGroup LFO are bi-directional). (Sine/Tri will add gradual falloff but will respond slowly, as in slow build-up).
  3.  Set Waveform to Square ( or play with others)
  4. Dial in the Amount in the Desired Destination.
  5. On the Porta/Mod Page Make sure Wheel ->LFO is Dialled in too as in the Image below.

This is not a perfect science, just a Hack to achieve something with least resource impact, so experiment and use whatever works for you!


Wheel To LFO Amount

Bonus Tip

The Pitch Bend On  Akai Force Covers +/- 12 Semitones (Octave) over the value range of 0-100.
So To Set it close to your desired Semitone Range the Formula is :

(100/12) x (required Semitone Range)

So for a +/- 2Semitones 
(100/12) x 2 = 16.6667 ~= 16 (or 17 as one rarely uses
pitch wheel to absolute ends, sticks more likely).



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