Creating Sustained/Drone Notes, Loops & Samples on Akai Force

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One of the frequently asked question on the group is how to drone/sustain a note /Clip indefinitely?

Your answer Lies in the title itself.. SUSTAIN

For Anything to Sustain (Plug-in,Ext Synth, Loop, keygroup..) It is very Important that its amp envelope sustain is full (100% in most cases or a lower value which you want to drone at a falloff level, but it should never be close zero.


Setting Up AKAI FORCE, Behringer TD-3 and Amit’s TD-3 Patcher App Together for Live Play

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Here I am Explaining the Basic Setup I use For Realtime Control of TD-3 Patcher App for Live Playing.


  1. Connect Force Midi Out (3.5mm -> 5 PIN DIN) to TD-3 Midi in via a Midi Cable.
  2. In Force Preferences Midi Settings Enable Sync  FORCE as output.
  3. Create a New Midi Track
    1. Set Output Channel to 16.
    2. Set Midi Output port to FORCE
    3. Set name to anything (I call it TD3 Control).
    4. Go to Notes Setting (Shift + Notes) and set it to Chromatic, Continuous, C