Pulse 2 Librarian Minor Version Released


Pulse 2 Librarian :v Release Notes

  • New : Arpeggiator Presets

    Save & Load Arp Presets  or Load Arp Pattern from Any Patch in your Library.

  • More Keyboard Shortcuts
    • F4 To open Patch editor
    • F7 to Load Previous Patch in Current Bank
    • F9 to Load Next Patch in Current Bank
    • F8 to Load Current Selected Patch
    • Shift + F7 : to Select Previous Patch
    • Shift + F9 : to Select Next Patch
  • Some minor Fixes

Amit Talwar’s DX7P Patcher App Released


The DX7P App is meant to find and try individual patches from
Various collections of Yamaha DX7 Sysex Patches available online. This has been Tested with Korg Volca FM, NI FM8 as well as Dexed VST and should likey work with any hardware that accepts yamaha DX7 Patches. Some Patches will not work on the Volca due to reasons unknown. Best way to use this app it to do a search or list patches and then use random button to find a tone you like. Unlike Traditional DX7 Banks (32 patches each), Here each patch is separate.)

This is authors personal app that is being released for public use.

All and Any trademarks listed are the property of their respective owners.

Please Use Google Chrome Browser or any other browser that supports WebMidi.


EERIE & SPACEY Ambient and Shimmer Combi Set for Korg Kronos

Korg Kronos Goodies

EERIE & SPACEY Ambient and Shimmer Combi Set by Amit Talwar

This is basically a set of Parallel FX chains (IFX) that are more or less unusual.

What this means is Reverbs followed by pitchshifts or other modulators / delays and again followed by a reverb or other fx.

Usage: Ambient, Atmospheric Soundscapes, SFX  & Shimmer Effects

This gives you some strange walls of sounds, dense growing spaces, Some Shimmering effects etc with feedback loops etc.