The Raga App – An Online App to Learn Indian Ragas on Guitar/Keyboard

The Raga App is a Personal Use Application Developed by Amit Talwar To better learn Indian Ragas on Guitar and Keyboards.


  • It’s a Free Application for anyone who may have the need of this tool to better learn / visualise the India / Hindustani ragas on Guitar Fretboard or a Keyboard / Harmonium.
  • Interactive:
    • Choice to Use Any Note as the Root Note.
    • # of b Notation for Western (Indian Notation also possible)
    • Ability Create a Custom Guitar Tuning to visualise how the raga will render on the neck , (Depending on use case).
  • Chord Hinter: Based on the Notes used in the Raga, it will Hint the basic possible chords that you can use. The Chords are also visualised on keyboard.
  • Note: This is a just a helper tool. It will be updated as I myself progress through  my learning through it.
  • Bollywood songs are listed and linked to youtube search, so one can listen to how the particular raga has been used in some popular songs.
  • It’s Cross Platform Online Application developed in Vue.js Framework.
  • If you like it , drop in a comment.

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