Creating Sustained/Drone Notes, Loops & Samples on Akai Force

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One of the frequently asked question on the group is how to drone/sustain a note /Clip indefinitely?

Your answer Lies in the title itself.. SUSTAIN

For Anything to Sustain (Plug-in,Ext Synth, Loop, keygroup..) It is very Important that its amp envelope sustain is full (100% in most cases or a lower value which you want to drone at a falloff level, but it should never be close zero.

So the Trick Likes in Creating a Midi Clip for the Track that Does that : Sustain
as long as the clip plays its track sustains..

The Midi Clip


Midi Clip Settings for Droning./ Sustained Loops. Note the Loop is Off at bottom and Sustain Message value is high. > 64

  1. Create a  1 Bar midi Clip and Add cc64 (Sustain Automation at start with a High value , so Sustain Turns on” as shown in above Image.
  2. Set Loop for this clip to Off. Doing so will make the Clip run once and turn sustain on the target Track/Synth to On. (you might want to create another clip to turn sustain off too).
  3.  Add Note/Notes you want to Hold. (you can use empty clips too)


Track / Synth Settings

  • For Plugins and External Synth the Amp Env Set Sustain to Max So that the Note Keeps playing When Held
  • For Samples / Loops on Pad or Keygroups
    • Make Sure sample Play is Set to “Note ON” and Sustain on Amp Env Set to 100% (most cases). **See Images Below
    • Make Sure The Sample has a Loop and Pad Loop is On. ** See Image Below
    • Additionally For Loops you might want to assign them to Same Mute group so only one loop plays at a time.

Mute Goup and NOTE ON Example for Loop/Sample

Amp Envelop Setting for Sample/Loop

Sample Looping Settings for Droning Samples/Loops






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