TD-3 – Patcher: An Online App to Create Behringer TD-3 Patterns and Live Play

The TD-3 Patcher is a Personal Use Application Developed by Amit Talwar To Provide a Better interface to Create Patches for Behringer TD-3 Bassline Synthesizer


  • It’s a Free Application for anyone who may have the need of this tool.
  • Interactive:
    • Realtime Preview of Changes
    • Controlled Randomization ( Choose a Scale as a Notes Cluster to randomize In)
    • Randomization, Shifting, Mirroring For Entire pattern or a Single Parameter lane.
    • Midi Control : Control any Parameter from Midi Controller making realtime performance a breeze
    • Save up to 8 quick snapshots.
    • Save/Load Pattern Preset to/from local computer
    • Save/Load Snapshot Set (8 patterns) to/from local computer
  • Export Pattern as akai’s mpcpattern file for MPC and AKAI Force Devices.
  • It’s Cross Platform Online Application developed primarily in javascript and tested on Mac/Windows PC and Android Phone.
  • If you like it , drop in a comment.

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