The Sacrificial LFO — Hack to Use ModWheel to Control Filter Cutoff and few other KeyGroup Params – Akai Force

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So here’s the problem I just Faced — On a Keygroup Track How to control Filter Cutoff  with the ModWheel of my keyBoard. (pitch/ Volume and Pan are also optional targets).

— Yes, you can Macro/Midi Learn the Target Parameter, but that creates a separate automation for Each Sub-keygroup (Zone) in the Keygroup and if you have stuff going on in the project can lead to Strange Behaviours or Worse Crashes 


Creating Sustained/Drone Notes, Loops & Samples on Akai Force

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One of the frequently asked question on the group is how to drone/sustain a note /Clip indefinitely?

Your answer Lies in the title itself.. SUSTAIN

For Anything to Sustain (Plug-in,Ext Synth, Loop, keygroup..) It is very Important that its amp envelope sustain is full (100% in most cases or a lower value which you want to drone at a falloff level, but it should never be close zero.