Akai Force – Drum Kit Pads Loops Simultaneous Play Trick

Akai Force Tips & Tricks

Maybe a Bug.. maybe not, but use it to your advantage!

Simultaneous Play on Drum kits will ignore Pad Mutes and Track Monophonic Mode.

What that means is that with combination of Track mutes and Simultaneous Play you can Create A Loop Mixer/Player Kit Saving you valuable Audio Tracks with Clips (8 Track Limit).

Say you have few loops (same BPM and time signature obviously) like Kick track,Hit Hats, Percussions etc. Many times you would want to play only one of these at a time (mute targets) and at time you would want to play them together.)

  1. [Optional] For All the Pads Enable Pad looping and Set Trigger Mode to NoteOn. This will make the loops play indefinitely once triggered.
  2.  Assuming You have loops already assigned to pads, set their mute group to same number say 1.
  3.  Copy (optional) few pads that you want to Combine with others to another location (say pad group 2)
  4. For each of these pads set their simultaneous play to other pad (loop) you want to play with these. to create your arrangement sections.
  5.  Go to Launch mode and create a 1 bar clip for 1st pad and add a note (length does not matter if you use step on indefinite play mode). Make sure to turn off loop for the clip (in clip view). That way the clip the clip will trigger the loop but won’t keep looping.  If for some reason your loop does not play indefinitely, add a sustain cc message (cc 64) at the start of the clip using automation or event list.
  6. Copy the clip to other lanes and transpose to map the note to the respective pad.
  7. Now when you trigger the clips a single or a Multi should play..~enjoy!

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