EERIE & SPACEY Ambient and Shimmer Combi Set for Korg Kronos

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EERIE & SPACEY Ambient and Shimmer Combi Set by Amit Talwar

This is basically a set of Parallel FX chains (IFX) that are more or less unusual.

What this means is Reverbs followed by pitchshifts or other modulators / delays and again followed by a reverb or other fx.

Usage: Ambient, Atmospheric Soundscapes, SFX  & Shimmer Effects

This gives you some strange walls of sounds, dense growing spaces, Some Shimmering effects etc with feedback loops etc.

NOTE: IF you do not have a foot controller pedal connected, Go to Kronos Global > and make sure foot pedal behaviour is set to RESET

Warning: Keep your levels in check, as levels can and will grow due to the nature of chain.

Warning: These Are experimentals, so you’d need to play with timbers/ settings etc.


  1.  Most combis have piano as default timbre, however these combis are not just for pianos but  rather any timbre, in-fact switching timbres in realtime brings in a lot. So make sure you change timbres and try different ones. The work really good mod-7 engine and DX-7 Imports
  2. Foot pedal (CC04) is assigned in inverted state (open to bring in) which acts kind of dynamic sample. i.e open pedal play something and that will add to the effect,close pedal and what you play now won’t go to effect.
  3. To adjust the Effect level adjust the  “FX Control Trim” for Side Chain in IFX04.
  4.  Combis with +y or -y use the joy Stick for pitch shifts up  and down.
  5. Building infinite spaces is easy: just turn feedback up to max (for delays/ damping to 0 for reverbs etc).
  6. Post a comment if you find a patch or 2 useful



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