Amit Talwar’s Riff Maker App Released


I am glad to announce that I have published my New App Riff Maker. Riff Maker is designed to create single bar midi patterns manually or dynamically.

Need some inspiration, create a pattern and let that get you started in your Next composition.

It took me quite a lot of experimenting and development time (150+ hours with upto 36 hour straight coding sprees 😉 ), but I wanted to try and push WebMidi to its limits. 😉 I’ll refactor, optimize code and fix bugs as I find them.  

  • Use Windows/Mac/Linux computer with WebMidi capable Web browser (Chrome, Chromium,Edge…
  • You can export pattern as Akai Mpc/Force Pattern Files as well as Standard Midi Files, or just record midi directly like I do.
  • Guide: Riffmaker Guide


~amit Talwar



I have also created few videos to get started.


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