Setting Up AKAI FORCE, Behringer TD-3 and Amit’s TD-3 Patcher App Together for Live Play

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Here I am Explaining the Basic Setup I use For Realtime Control of TD-3 Patcher App for Live Playing.


  1. Connect Force Midi Out (3.5mm -> 5 PIN DIN) to TD-3 Midi in via a Midi Cable.
  2. In Force Preferences Midi Settings Enable Sync  FORCE as output.
  3. Create a New Midi Track
    1. Set Output Channel to 16.
    2. Set Midi Output port to FORCE
    3. Set name to anything (I call it TD3 Control).
    4. Go to Notes Setting (Shift + Notes) and set it to Chromatic, Continuous, C 

  4. Optional if you want to process TD-3 Audio too : Create a New audio Track
    1. Name this TD3 Audio
    2. In Track Settings, Turn Monitor to On.
    3. In Mixer Settings IO for this Select whatever input you have connected TD-3 audio output to.
    4. In Mixer for thisTrack add any effects to this track you want.
  5. Select the Previous Midi Track you connected and Go to notes Mode.


1: Set it to Midi Slave : press Back + Write/Next button and hit button 2 (Note D).

2:  Select Group 1 Pattern 1
3: Connect the usb cable to PC/MAC or android phone.

4: If you have followed the above steps correctly , Td-3 should now play when you hit play on AKAI FORCE.


  1. Open Chrome or Chromium Based Browser (Edge/Opera..).
  2. Launch the TD-3 Patcher App :
  3. Select the Midi in and Midi Out Ports as TD-3.
  4. On AKAI FORCE Start Playback (if its already playing , stop and play again)
  5. You should see a Pattern and a yellow bar moving.
  6. In the App Set the Midi Map to 8×8 AKAI FORCE.
  7. In The App Change the Randomization Scale to something tighter than chromatic
  8. Click any note (pad ) on AKAI force TD-3 Midi track and you should see changes in the App and also Hear the changes from the TD-3 Synthesizer. Here is the Midi Map for AKAI Force (and should work with any 8×8 grid controller) or you can chose an alternate midi map:

    8x8 Akai Force Midi map for TD-3 Patcher


Here is a demo recorded with AKAI Force Triggering Pattern Randomization every 8 Bars.





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