Pulse 2 Librarian Major Version Released


Pulse 2 Librarian v 1.2.0 0 Release Notes:

This Version Brings in More New Power User Features

  • New : Patch Central (Online Patch Database):

    Share,Find,Browse,Preview,Download any Patch (Yours or shared by others)  from Online Database in your Library. Read More
    Features include

    1. Preview Patches Directly
    2. Download Patches to your local Disk
    3. Drag Patch Directly  into a bank slot
    4. Delete Your Uploaded Patch.
    5. Find Patches by Name , Filter Patches by Category, Sort Patches by Name,Date etc.
  • New Advanced Randomizer

    To Bring some order to the Randomization Chaos, A New Randomizer Has been added (Right click on randomize Button)

    • Randomization Control: Ability to Choose What Parameter Sections to Randomize from( OSC, PITCH ,MODMATRIX ,EGA ,EGF ,VCA ,VCF ,LFO , GLIDE)
    • Option to Pre-Initialize  Patch to defaults  before Generating the Random Patch.Tip Alert
      To Generate a Patch from some of the parameters of the current patch, right click randomize button :
        1: UnCheck PreInitialize,
        2: UnCheck any Parameter Sections to Keep them from Current Preset
      3: Click the Random button to generate a New Patch Keeping unchecked params unaffected(same).
    • Auto Tune Oscillators : When Checked the Oscillators Pitch(Semitone) will Only change in octaves.
    • Added Randomizer to Editor
  • Quick Category Change With Right Click
  • Editor Now Follows External Parameters
    The Editor now will reflect any changes (Knob Movements) Made to the Main parameters on Pulse 2.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Volume Jumping Bug : Volume Jumped (reset) when changing Patches
    • Fixes No Network Crash Bug : Pulse2L might have crashed in past if it did not detect  internet connection.
    • Fixed few other Rare Condition Bugs.

Version Release Notes


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