Pulse 2 Librarian Major Version Released


Pulse 2 Librarian v 1.1.0 0 Release Notes:

This Version Brings in Some New Power User Features

  • New : Patch Browser :
    Find or Browse / Preview any patch in your library, Drag to Load into a bank: Read More
  • New : Trigger Maps :
    Assign Midi Triggers (CC or Notes)  to Patch locations and Instantly change patches though your midi controller. Mainly For Performance Mode. Read More..
  • Full Drag and Drop Support
    • Drag & Drop Patches in bank to Swap position
    • Ctrl + Drag & Drop : Copy Patch to New Location
    • Alt + Drag & Drop : Move the Patch to New Location, Making Source Location Blank.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts : Added Keyboard Shortcuts for Most of the Tasks
  • Code Optimizations.

    To Install Download the Demo or (The Full Version From Your Account)


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