Pulse 2 Librarian Major Version Released


Pulse 2 Librarian v 1.1.0 0 Release Notes:

This Version Brings in Some New Power User Features

  • New : Patch Browser :
    Find or Browse / Preview any patch in your library, Drag to Load into a bank: Read More
  • New : Trigger Maps :
    Assign Midi Triggers (CC or Notes)  to Patch locations and Instantly change patches though your midi controller. Mainly For Performance Mode. Read More..
  • Full Drag and Drop Support
    • Drag & Drop Patches in bank to Swap position
    • Ctrl + Drag & Drop : Copy Patch to New Location
    • Alt + Drag & Drop : Move the Patch to New Location, Making Source Location Blank.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts : Added Keyboard Shortcuts for Most of the Tasks
  • Code Optimizations.

    To Install Download the Demo or (The Full Version From Your Account)


Pulse 2L Librarian Operations: Edit, Copy, Swap,Filters and Modes

Pulse 2L Tips & Tricks

Pulse2L Library Filter in Action

The Pulse2 Librarian offers extensive Patch management capabilities within the Bank.

You can copy, move patches from one location to another as well as you can swap the location of any two patches to better organize your bank by just Dragging and Dropping.
Drag & Drop : Swap Patches
Ctrl + Drag & Drop : Copy Patch to New Location
Alt + Drag & Drop : Move Patch to New Location

Along with the above listed operations, you can also load a patch from another bank to a patch in current bank , thus making your new banks from other banks.

There are also Several Working Modes for Faster Workflow


Pulse 2L Editor Knobs Explained

Pulse 2L Tips & Tricks

Pulse2L Parameter Editor

The Knobs on Pulse2 Editor are custom designed to respond and act to provide most verstality.

  1. Drag Up and Down to Quickly  Traverse Long Ranges.
  2. Left Click the knob to Increase its value by one step.
  3. Right Click the knob to decrease its value by one step.
  4.  Some Knobs are Continuous, i.e they start over again once you reach it’s end point.
  5. Shift + Click a Knob to Reset its value to default value.