Pulse 2 Librarian Patch Browser

Pulse 2L Tips & Tricks

The Pulse2 Librarian Browser ( as of Version Brings in another Faster Workflow Feature.

The Browser enables to Find a Patch by Name in your Entire Library as well as with Category Filter and Even in a single bank for More Refinement. The Picture above shows the results for All patches in my library containing the  Word: ACID and of Type : ARP


  1. Open the Browser (Clicking on the button or F2 )
  2. Define Listing Parameters (Name, Kind and IN) if any and Click the Go Button
  3. Click on a Patch to Preview it. (The Patch Loads in Edit buffer of Pulse 2, and does not write to Pulse 2)
  4. Drag & Drop :  to Load the Patch from Browser into the Bank

Tip Alert  If you want to Load patches from another bank,
Select the Bank Name in : In , Set Type to All, this way you can build your custom performance banks in no time from existing banks.



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